Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Birthdays

Two of our finest family members have birthdays in November. Here's a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to them both!

Melanie was 32 on the 19th

Anaston will turn 3 tomorrow
We love you both and are glad you're part of our family!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Pit

Ron has always wanted to have a pit at our house that he can cook meat in. Well he finally did it! On Wednesday he dug and dug and dug until he had a hole big enough to put a metal box he had down in it. It is small but will be great for our family to use. Wednesday night was the trial run and he filled it with a turkey, a ham, some ribs, and a buffalo roast. It was a success as everything came out smelling and tasting delicious! Way to go honey! Here's some pics of him working hard and then the finished products:

Doesn't he look proud! (You'll have to ask him about the chest on his turkey!) :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ruby's Blessing

The highlight of our trip to Utah was the blessing of Ruby on Sunday, Nov. 1st. Gabe gave her a wonderful blessing and she behaved beautifully. Gabe also bore his testimony and it was very touching. A good friend of Melanie and Gabe's, Linda Judy, made the dress for Ruby and she looked adorable! What a sweet friend to do that. The weather turned out beautiful that day and we enjoyed a fun afternoon of good food with family and friends.

The star attraction
Mother and daughter

Their cute family

The proud parents with their sweet girl

All the family that was able to make it

Grandma and Papa with Ruby

Stretching after her big performance

Four beautiful babies, four beautiful blessings! We feel so blessed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trrrick or Trrreating!

This year we spent Halloween in Utah and got to experience trick-or-treating in real fall weather. Being from Arizona with thin blood I thought it was cold! But it didn't stop the kids from having a great time going door to door and hauling in the candy.

Redden was the Arizona Cardinal
Ryder was the Phoenix Suns gorilla
(Kinsley was terrified of the mask!)
Ranger was Sparky the ASU Sun Devil

Kinsley made an adorable Minnie Mouse

Kamri was a cute butterfly

Ruby was the cutest ghost ever

Even Chevy joined in on the fun!
The kids looked great in their costumes and a fun time was had by all. But we missed getting to see the grandkids in Arizona. Maybe next year!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

October is our family's biggest month for birthdays and I wanted to wish them all (including myself) a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Yours truly on the 17th (A woman never tells her age!)
Ranger turned 3 on the 19th
Gabe turned 32 on the 26th
Redden was 10 on the 29th
Jason also turned 32 on the 30th
Life just keeps a coming and we are all getting older but hopefully wiser! We had fun celebrating in Utah.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Better by the Dozen!

Some things are just better by the dozen:

and . . .


yep, #12 is on the way

So I got out my megaphone to announce it.
My baby is having a baby.
Man that makes me feel old.
But we are excited!
Congratulations Natalie and Tommy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reese's Blessing Day

Sunday was a special day as Reese Olivia Knight was blessed. Grandpa Ron got to do the honor and he gave her a wonderful blessing. Reese was beautiful in her dress and actually slept through most of the event! Afterwards we all went over to the McLellands home for some yummy food and visiting.
The guest of honor
Jessica and Reese
Their cute family

The proud grandparents

The Knight family (standing too close to the sun)

Some of the gang enjoying the food outside

Father and son

All tuckered out!

Truly a blessing from heaven. I love my family!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Parade

This is the time of year when our family kicks it into high gear for birthdays. We had 3 this past week and I wanted to give them all a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout!
Ryder turned 7 on the 25th

Natalie turned 22 on the 29th
(I forgot to take a picture of her on her birthday.
She has a cute new haircut!)

Emma turned 6 on the 30th
We love you all and are glad you're part of our family!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go Thunder!

Gabe coaches Redden in youth football and while I've been in Utah I've gotten to go to 2 of their games. They won big both times and it is so fun to watch! The first week they got to play at a really nice high school stadium with a turf field and Nani and Popi were also there. Gabe puts a lot of time into coaching and Redden has really improved and does a great job!

Their team is 4-1 and they only lost that game by 1 point. Way to go Gabe and Redden!