Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Family Photo Shoot

The first order of business for 2010 was to get the whole fam damily together for a picture. All month I had been talking about wanting to take a new family picture while Melanie and Gabe were in town. Our last one had been taken at Natalie's wedding and was now 2 years old and 4 babies short. So the kids picked up on this subtle hint and they all went together to hire a photographer friend of Stephanie's and give me a photo shoot for Christmas. Since Gabe didn't fly in until the evening of the 23rd we waited until New Years Day to get all spiffed up and go to Jessica's parents backyard to do the deed. We even color coordinated by family. I was very pleased with the results considering all the children (11) and adults (12) that had to cooperate! The only dissappointment was that it wasn't done in time to send out picture Christmas cards which I'm sure everyone would have loved and cherished. I debated about sending out New Years cards but then I had the thought that despite how lovely they might be they would probably go straight to the trash after getting opened instead of lingering around for a few weeks on countertops or bulletin boards like they do at Christmas because no one has the heart to throw them away until after the holiday is over. So I saved my money and instead you can come to my blog anytime and enjoy the beauty of us all year long! Here's a few samples:

33 years and counting!

The cutest grandkids (and grandparents) ever!

Ron and I with our 5 adorable children

The gang of grandkids! (Some weren't too happy :)

Thanks kids, I love how they turned out!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A December to Remember!

December has come and gone and I was very bad and didn't blog about any of it. I am either: 1. too old, 2. too busy, or 3. too lazy! (Take your pick!) We did have a great holiday season and did many fun things with our family. Melanie and the kids stayed with us for the month of December and that was good (for the most part :). I decided it would take too much time and effort to try and catch up about everything so I will just move on and start fresh in 2010. Here's to a great new year!