Friday, February 20, 2009

Utah Trip

Well we made another trip to Utah to visit the kids. We started off by driving to St. George and stopping overnight. The next morning we did a session in the temple before driving the rest of the way. We had never been to this temple before and it was beautiful.

We then drove the rest of the way and spend the next 4 days enjoying spending time with Melanie, Gabe and the boys. We met up with Gabe one day in Salt Lake City to see where he is working now and we had lunch at the Joseph Smith building. Yummy fried pickles!

Here is a view of part of the project that Gabe is working on.

The idiots that went swimming in 35 degree weather! (But the water was 90 degrees and 104 in the spa)
And the wimps that watched!

Ron and I were able to have lunch with Janice Beggs, a friend who used to live in our ward.

Papa with his buddies with the snowy mountains in the background. I don't think it got much over 40 degrees the whole time we were there. Burrrr!

Gabe and Ron got invited to a Jazz game so while they were gone Mel and I and the kids went to see the new Draper Temple and got to go inside. Very pretty!

Always a fun time. Thanks for letting us come, hope to see ya again soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peralta Trail Hike

I know you are all thinking what the heck, Paula actually went hiking?!!! I am actually thinking the same thing! On Friday I went hiking with my friend Jen Wood, her friend Mike, and her 9 year old daughter Krissy. Jen is a seasoned hiker who has done the Grand Canyon a few times. I told her to pick an easy one for me to start off. We hiked the Peralta Trail up to the Fremont Saddle which is 2.2 miles up and 2.2 miles back down. Piece of cake right? Well maybe for you but for a not so in shape 51 year old it was hard work! I thought the going up part would be the hardest but the coming down was a killer. It was fun and even though my knees are killing me today I'm glad I went and hope to do a few more hikes in the future.

We made it to the top! The view from up here was definitely worth it. Thanks for letting a slowpoke like me tag along.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A big shout out for our cute grandson Matthew Paul Walker. He is 3 years old today! We love him and hope he has a great birthday!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good News :) Bad News :(

Well I'll start off with the good news. . . Gabe got a really good new job! He was chosen from out of 200 applicants. The pay will be good and the benefits are great.

Now the bad news. . . It is back in Utah! My dream of having all my children living in Arizona is over for now. He will be working for Okland Construction in the safety field on a large commercial project just south of the Salt Lake Temple where the ZCMI mall used to be. Today is his first day and we wish him well. Ron will miss having him around as they have spent alot of time together and Gabe is lots of help. But we are happy that their family will be back together as I know it has been stressful for them living apart. We are already planning our next visit. I guess my shopping days in Utah will continue!