Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Bowl Off #2

The Saturday before Christmas we decided to go bowling as a family. It was lots of fun and I must say I kicked everyone's trash! Steph and Curt had their ward Christmas party that night and were not able to come. So last night for FHE we went back for a rematch. The guys bowled on one lane, the girls on the other lane, and the kids on their own lane with bumpers. I have to admit that Gabe redeemed himself with two solid games and Brian did pretty good the second game considering he wasn't feeling well after a root canal that day! But once again I ruled the women, pulling ahead at the end of both games to beat the Melvinator! The kids had a great time also. Thanks to Brian for hooking us up with some free coupons. Here's a few pics from the fun evening:

The thrill of victory . . . . .
And the agony of defeat!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's a Girl!

Well the secret is out and the Carroll's are having another girl. Kamri Leigh is on her way! Here are pictures of what they opened to find out. A shirt for Kinsley and a onesie for the baby. I'm just glad that I don't have to keep it to myself any longer. That was hard work!

Kim and Jason reacting to the happy news. Congratulations, we are excited for you!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Christmas Party

Last night we had the Jennings Christmas party. We have outgrown mom and dad's house and garage so we have moved on to a church. The food was great and the kids had fun screaming and running amok through the hallways. We even had a special visitor that the kids loved. Thanks to everyone for coming and bringing the yummy food. Here's just a sample of the evening:

What a sexy Santa! Hope I get what I wished for!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Lips Are Sealed!

Yesterday I went with Kimberly to her ultrasound appointment to find out the sex of the baby she is having in May. I had this cute idea for her to let me find out and then I would buy something either pink or blue and wrap it up for Christmas and then they could find out what they are having by opening the present! Only no one thinks I can keep it a secret until then. I am so hurt that they have so little faith in me, I can't imagine why! Women and secrets go hand in hand don't you think?! Anyway my lips are sealed tight! And I'm not in politics so bribing won't help either, although I could use a good back rub, foot massage, someone to run my last minute Christmas errands, clean my house, etc. Let me know if your interested and we'll see what we can work out!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Every year we make the trek to see the temple lights with my side of the family. We have done it for umpteen years now and it is one of the highlights of the season. We start at Pioneer park and then cross the street to the temple, make a loop around enjoying the lights and music while fighting the crowds, and then it's back to the park for doughnuts and hot chocolate. The weather cooperated this year and didn't rain. Here's some random pictures to help remember the fun!
Can't wait till next year!

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Christmas Village

One of the things I look forward to at Christmas is getting out and putting up my village. I love it! It all started back in 2004 when Melanie and Gabe were living in Texas and we went for a visit the week after Christmas. We stopped at a JoAnns store to see what they had on sale and their village houses were 70% off clearance. So Mel said she was going to get some and I decided what the heck I will get some too. We each bought a few and then got home that night and opened them up and plugged them in and saw how cute they were. So the frenzy began! We went to every JoAnns in the state of Texas to look for more. Well maybe not the state but the whole Dallas/Ft. Worth area! We would even jump out of the car and race each other to the store to see who could get there first. It was alot of fun! I ended up coming home with 7 different houses and a few accessories. Then I learned they had them on ebay and let's just say over the next couple of holiday seasons I became obsessed. I even got a couple at Ace Hardware. But I am finally running out of room on top of my entertainment center so I have reigned myself in this year. I could use a few more trees though. It looks much better at night when its dark and all the houses are lit up.

Gotta have Santa flying overhead! Isn't it cute? So fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Bishops

Ron and I received an early Christmas present with a surprise visit from our old friends Ron and Peggy Bishop. They made a quick trip to Phoenix to attend a funeral and we got to hang out with them on Tuesday night. It was so good to see them! They moved to Gilbert and into our ward back in 1990. They have a son Ryan who is Brian's age and a daughter Brienne who is Kimberly's age and we hit it off right away. Unfortunately in 1994 work took them away from us, to California and then Seattle but we still manage to keep in touch. This is one friendship that time and distance is not going to put asunder!

We took them to all our old haunts. They were so disappointed when we told them the original Mattas had closed so we went to Mattas too and they have the #4 so both Ron's were happy!

Then it was off to see the lights at the Arizona Temple. Isn't the star beautiful? (Not to mention the women underneath it!)

They were so excited to see the camels!

Last but not least we stopped to finish off the night at Nielsens. This was one of our favorite places to go with them and it still is. Peggy was in heaven with her spiced apple cheesecake concrete!
We really enjoyed getting to see you guys. Come back soon!