Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Getaway

I love California. . . more specifically, I love the beach! During my growing up years, my family took a vacation to San Diego every summer and I loved it. After Ron and I got married and had our children I finally convinced him that we needed to go to California in the summer for vacation. So for the last 15 years or so we have headed to Oceanside and rented a condo for a week or two along with some of my siblings and aunts. It's been a blast! But with the growth of our family and the downturn in the economy, we have not been able to go lately. Last year I was able to get my beach fix with Debbie's family and this year Mel and Gabe invitied us to come over for the 4th of July weekend and stay with them. It was great! We made it to the beach twice and fit quite a few other activities in. Steph and Curt were over there too for the first couple of days so we hooked up and went to the beach and Seaport Village. Here's some fun pics:

Cousins on the beach

Gabe getting a workout

This is what Ron did most of the trip
(He's reading if you can't tell)

Aren't these some hot chicks!

Got sand?

We went to the beach on Coronado Island
This is the beautiful Hotel del Coronado

The Rojas kids sporting their 4th of July outfits

Papa lovin on Ruby

And it wouldn't be a trip to San Diego without Ghirardelli's!

We managed to fit in a couple of movies, shakes from Ruby's, delicious bbq from Phil's, and peach pie from Marie Calendars. We also saw a spectacular fireworks display from the comfort of the apartment backyard. All in all a great trip, wish we could have stayed longer!
Oh and did I mention the fabulous weather? Heavenly!


Tim and Trina

oh my gosh!! Paula I seriously think your grand babies are just so blasted cute! Looks like you had an amazing vacation!


I loved your beach pictures and could relate to your fond memories of the beach. I also enjoyed your playlist.

Lana and Terry

okay girl get postin on your blog again. I keep waiting for some more new pics. Your gradkids are so cute. Need more pics and late breaking "Knight Knews:)"